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Chainyard Cider

Cider Geek 4 Pack

Cider Geek 4 Pack

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A mixed 4 pack of:


made with a special batch of apples that were grown and pressed in the UK and the juice was shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to be made into cider here in Halifax. Dabinett is made with Dabinett Apples, grown at the Colcombe House Estate where Colcumb House Ciders are made.⁣ The cidery is located along the River Wye in Herefordshire and for over 90 years care has been taken to grow apples perfect for cider making.⁣ The bitersweet Dabinett is a traditional English cider apple (one of our cider maker Jay’s favourite cider apples in the world) and the result is a traditional English cider taste.⁣ Floral apple aromas starts the sensory experience, where the soft astringency is balanced by grippy tannins and pulled together by light carbonation.⁣  A thoroughly dry cider aged for six months. 6.4% ABV, 750ml bottle

Espionage :

Espionage is composed of Northern Spy apples with some tannic bitter-sweets from our friends at Taproot Farms. A long slow fermentwas complemented with 7 months in oak. Dry with a light carbonation, the cider has a gentle farmhouse nose with tannins encircling amedium-bodied, light caramel apple palate and a moderately-sharp finish. 375ml, 6.1%ABV Bottle

Pippins Glory

Treated to a long cool ferment in steel and left unfiltered, Pippin’s Glory is a co ferment of Nova Scotian, Pippin heirloom apple duo, Cox’s Orange and Ribston Pippin. Two months of aging help draw out the bright flavours of peach, tangerine and lemon zest. Topical notes greet the end palate yielding to a clean dry and refreshing finish. 7.2% ABV, 375ml bottle

Near & Far:

Tremletts-Bitter apples from Somerset UK. Near-and-Far is a farm house style cider with flavours of baked apple, gentle oak followed by a mild tannic bitterness. A light carbonation finishes the profile making Near-and-Far an enlivening, quaffable cider.

ABV 6.8%. 473ml cans or 4 X 473ml cans

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