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Chainyard Cider

Mixed Six Pack of Cans

Mixed Six Pack of Cans

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A mixed pack of 473ml cans. Our current cans are:


Hopped Up: This cider is complex, easy drinking and refreshing. The use of Cascade and Centennial hops give a floral aroma and bright citrus character resulting in a well balanced dry cider. ABV 6%. 473ml cans

Hask Hopped: Unfiltered and dry with subtle notes of grapefruit and ripe berries, Hask-Hopped is a dry-hopped wild fermented cider. Lucious haskap juice is added toward the end of the ferment allowing the evolving berry flavours and earthy notes to harmonize with Mosaic hops. ABV 6%. 473ml cans or 4 X 473ml cans

Pink Tartan: Our Semi-dry house cider is blended with a homemade cranberry and rhubarb wine using local fruit from Terra Beata Farms. Fruity with big berry notes and a light earthiness from the rhubarb. A clean finish with lingering flavours of fruit on the palate. 6.9% abv, 473ml can

Lush: Sweet but light and refreshing with a peachy apricot zing. Notes of ripe summer peaches and orange blossom mingle to create this easy drinking summer sipper. 6.0% ABV, 473ml.

Hazy Fraisy: is an unfiltered co-ferment of strawberry and apple juices perfect for the summer heat. This cider was aged in steel and bursting with aromas that bring to mind walking through a ripe strawberry patch after a summer rain. Light herbaceous notes lead to a burst of berry twisting into a zesty, finishing fruity tang. 6.5% ABV, 473ml can.

Foundation: An easy drinking cider with tropical notes, finishes clean with a hint of apple. Light to medium tannins. ABV 6.3%. 473ml cans


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