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Chainyard Cider

Malo Pippin 500ml Bottle

Malo Pippin 500ml Bottle

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A new cider coming up in 500 ml bottles. “Malo Pippins” was fermented in steel and then forced through malolactic conversion in French and Bulgarian oak barrels. This means that the sharp malic acid was converted into lactic acid reducing the acidic intensity of the cider and creating more of a creamy texture and mouthfeel. A softer drinking cider. Bone dry, Malo Pippins has light exotic oak spice and melon on the nose and a smooth green apple palate with light mocha that finishes refreshing and clean. The carbonation is represented through a very small bubble, the result of the malolactic fermentation, we kept this as natural as possible. 7.8% ABV, 500ml.

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