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Chainyard Cider

The Small Bottle Pack

The Small Bottle Pack

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A bottle pack of these 500ml and 375ml bottles:


is composed of Northern Spy apples with some tannic bitter-sweets from our friends at Taproot Farms. A long slow ferment
was complemented with 7 months in oak. Dry with a light carbonation, the cider has a gentle farmhouse nose with tannins encircling a
medium-bodied, light caramel apple palate and a moderately-sharp finish. 375ml, 6.1%ABV

is made with summer wildflower honey. The result is an aromatically floral
cyser with Jonagold apples adding a brightness to the palate of stone fruit and
summer honeyed lychee. 500ml, 6.1%ABV


A dry, single varietal Jonagold cider aged in French and Bulgarian oak for 9 months. The nose has distant vanilla and gentle coffee aromas. The flavour profile is ripe green apple, soft honey and hints of burnt maple syrup. 500ml, 7.1% ABV


was fermented in steel and then forced through malolactic conversion in French and Bulgarian oak barrels. This means that the sharp malic acid was converted into lactic acid reducing the acidic intensity of the cider and creating more of a creamy texture and mouthfeel. A softer drinking cider. Bone dry, Malo Pippins has light exotic oak spice and melon on the nose and a smooth green apple palate with light mocha that finishes refreshing and clean. The carbonation is represented through a very small bubble, the result of the malolactic fermentation, we kept this as natural as possible. 7.8% ABV, 500ml.

Pippin’s Glory

Treated to a long cool ferment in steel and left unfiltered, Pippin’s Glory is a co ferment of Nova Scotian, Pippin heirloom apple duo, Cox’s Orange and Ribston Pippin. Two months of aging help draw out the bright flavours of peach, tangerine and lemon zest. Topical notes greet the end palate yielding to a clean dry and refreshing finish. 7.2% ABV, 375ml bottle

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